Political views

As a Canadian I am aware of politics in other countries but am most concerned with my own country. Living next door to the USA it is hard to avoid what is coming from there, and I do watch the news and social media posts concerning the USA. I do agree with most but not all coming from the current reigning administration there. I am not a fan of the personality of Donald Trump by any means and think the Republicans could have been better represented but the choice was made.

   Speaking of personalities – If I was a Liberal supporter in Canada (which I am not), there are one or two personalities that would make me change my support. Of course, the first being the current leader who I have never thought was capable of leading a country. I think his attitude is smug and self serving, and very conceited. In my opinion he has made an extra effort to try to seduce  the votes of women, immigrants, and minority groups whatever they represent. That in itself says what he thinks of them! Being a millionaire from a millionaire family shows that such a person cannot really relate to the “middle class” or the “lower” or “upper” class either. People need to stop electing millionaires no matter what party flag they wave. Especially millionaires who were born into their wealth. It’s one thing when a person works at something they believe in and are rewarded in time with their fortune. This can be seen in musicians, actors, inventors, and others who worked at what they believed in and their efforts materialized in financial gain. For some, if not most, they continue to strive at their chosen profession. Most remember where they came from and how life was in their past. Heredity millionaires however never had a past that required work or toil. I suppose expecting a bigger expense allowance or a luxury beyond reach of a common person could be seen as “work”.
   I am a Christian by definition and have chosen to believe in some tradition Christian values. I realize that a political party may have a Christian leader or members but the country they lead is not limited to Christians. It must be very difficult to balance what you believe with what is progressive for your country. It seems to me there is much confusion when a person states their personal believes while still accepting the views of others. Being a Christian does not necessarily mean you hate another religious believe. Being English speaking does not mean you hate non-English speaking people. Being a certain race not mean you hate another race. True, some people promote their religion, language, race or whatever else as superior and I personally could not align with any of those believes. Unfortunately, I have had friends who display hate or resentment to others. I have attended Christian churches that openly speak against other Christian denominations as well as other religions. The same could be said about political parties too I suppose. Some continually belittle the opposition without focus on the current issues. I have voted for both major political parties at different times in my voting life. I have also gone outside the big two on a few occasions. I do draw the line when a party or candidate offends my personal believes. I cannot support someone who openly is against my Christian or other personal believes. That does not mean they will not be a good leader, just that they will not have my support.
   Finally, this is my blog, I paid for the web space. I can express my views and you can agree or disagree or choose to not read anything here. I accept other opinions and realize there are others.

Be aware that this is my sounding place, nobody else s!

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